Boycotting Kareena Kapoor’s endorsements is taking cancel culture too far | Hindi Movie News

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s diva vibe has suddenly turned into a negative perception for social media. Thanks to everyone for their association with Aamir Khan and ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’. Netizens are shaming the age of the actress, boycotting her advertisements and trying to take away all the respect she has earned. ETimes does not endorse such negativity and hate.

Take a look at some of the jobs he tackled and our reaction to it:

“Why are people giving him work? He should also be boycotted… because he had named Taimur and Jeh… was there a lack of a Hindu name in the world?”

How many more times will he be called upon to name his children? Basically, it’s his choice. Last we checked, everyone in this country had the freedom to name their children however they saw fit. Instead of indulging in unwanted religious policing, why not embrace the bundles of cuteness Taimur and Jeh, because of who they are.

“Time to stop buying Mercedes #boycottmercedes”


This form of boycott is going too far. Your hatred for an actress has gone from her kids to her movies now and now to her commercials too. How is your hatred towards both Kareena and the luxury car brand justified? He is a celebrity and advertising is the main part of his profession. Your reproach is both unfair and baseless.

“Do this now budiya”


Age-shaming Kareena, just because you don’t agree with her choice, is unnecessary. Tagging him with unattractive names only shows your bad mindset. Let’s not forget that everyone is getting older… so instead of harboring negativity around ageism, why not let go of your prejudices and respect the diva for what she has achieved?


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