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Croupier: Review. by Rob Andrews.

The stories revolving around gambling shift their focus to speculators, gamblers who weigh risk and reward, and love the thrill of the game. But what about the person who oversees the destructive actions of these fiery characters? What about the man on the opposite side of the blackjack table? What about croupier? croupier A casino exposes the fascinating inner workings of the environment, which we experience through the eyes of a character who finds himself consumed by a toxic work environment.

As the film demonstrates, the life of a croupier is a fascinating one, as casino employee Jack (Clive Owen) finds himself leading a dark and morbid life as the gambler he oversees. With a dangerous and often condescending voice running parallel to the events of the story, the narrative follows the aspiring writer character of Owen, as his financial issues force him to return to the demanding role of a casino group.

It’s not long until Jack’s opposite career paths intertwine, as the life of a croupier becomes the subject of his next book. What follows is a detailed character study of a man who becomes consumed by his morally questionable casino environment. As his fictional croupier character is consumed by his own miserable existence, Jack slowly transforms into a figure reminiscent of a zombie, as Owen excels at his portrayal of an unmarried and conflicted man. . As he struggles to maintain a sense of work-life balance, Jack’s conflicting responsibilities and emotions drive his every next move into uncertainty, which makes every scene in Owen all the more enjoyable.

croupier The entire story makes a thoughtful study of both the setting and the characters, both of which prove to be utterly immersive. The first act is excellent at hooking the audience to itself from the start, as a strict set of rules casts Jack on his croupier duties, rules that he can’t help breaking. Jack’s ignorant attitude to this strict rule has put him in a number of unfortunate situations, leading to a dangerous downward spiral.

Jack’s fall down a dark and morally ambiguous rabbit hole leads to a fascinating turn of events in the story, as his strained relationship with lover Marion (Gina McKee) coincides with a sinister plot to sabotage his dangerous workplace. Jack soon finds himself in a disadvantageous game of his own making, as the aspirations hidden beneath his conflicting external leadership lead to a drastic chain of events that threatens to expose his unsuspecting lifestyle. .

croupierIts strength lies in its characters and their relationship to the casino environment, which is often full of conflict and unease. The film rightly removes the glitz and glamor of the fictional casino environment, as croupier The Engineers are firmly established in a more ambiguous and burning reality. Hands are dealt, chips are laid and the wheel is always spinning, as each scene in the casino is set on a knife edge, with the uneasy relationship between the punter and croupier feeding in a sense of apprehension. The fiery nature of casino customers is often displayed in sudden and disturbing emotional shifts, which are entirely dependent on the success of each bet they place. Casino employees prove equally shady and deeply troubled by the way they serve customers, as their own problems are compounded by the instability of their everyday workplace.

With its sick and important social undertakings, croupier Reveling in a neo-noir approach to storytelling, embracing the destructive nature of its highly volatile environment. Jack’s disastrous journey explores a side of the casino that most viewers will be less familiar with, providing a fresh look at the often glamorized setting. With a dangerous and intriguing character at the center of his story, Jack’s tumultuous and self-destructive journey results in a distortion between fantasy and reality, as Jack’s literary character reflects the emotionally conflicting nature of its creator. grows to.

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