Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ Now Available to Watch at Home!

it’s been a month Jordan Peelethird horror film No The Mysterious Phenomenon movie that grossed $135 million worldwide hit theaters, and it’s now available at home!

If you missed watching it in theaters or want to watch it again, Peele’s No Can be rented digitally for $19.99 through various outlets including heroineYouTube, Apple TV and Vudu.

For a full list of all possible ways to watch, visit the film’s official website.

In No“Dwellers in a lonely bastion of inland California witness a supernatural and chilling discovery.”

Daniel Kaluya ,go) reunites with Peele on the suspenseful film, which also stars Steven Yeun (“The Walking Dead,” mayhem) And Keke Palmer (“the Scream”). Michael Wincott ,Crow, barbie ferreira And Brandon Perea Star too.

Megan Navarro was a huge fan of the film, writing in her review that “Jordan Peele takes on the blockbusters of the summer with heightened spectacle and sharp subtext.”

“Peel’s latest reimagines the summer blockbuster, nestling a compelling indictment beneath accessible crowd-pleasing thrillers,” continues Megan’s 4-star rave review.

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