Vijay Deverakonda trolled after comment that Shah Rukh Khan is NOT ‘last superstar’ resurfaces | Hindi Movie News

Vijay Deverakonda’s past statements keep coming back to haunt him.

The actor, who received poor reviews from fans and critics alike for his performance in Bollywood debut ‘Liger’, was mocked for his earlier comments. A statement made by the actor after his old tweet saying that the film will gross over Rs 200 crore, indicates that he is in the race to become the next superstar after Shah Rukh Khan is now online.

In his interview with a men’s magazine, the actor shared how King Khan inspired him to pursue his dreams. “If he could do it, why can’t I?” He told GQ. Opening up about Shah Rukh’s old interview that inspired him, Vijay recalled the actor saying that he was the last of the ‘superstars’. “… When I saw his interview, I remember I wanted to say, ‘Shah Rukh, you’re wrong. You’re not the last. I’m coming.'”

Vijay’s statement has made its way on social media and netizens have shared different reactions. “Vijay Deverakonda wasn’t saying Shah Rukh Khan was wrong when he said he was the last of the stars!!! And he just started his career! I know he’s a big star but come on! It’s Shahrukh! Shahrukh Khan! He is the last in STARS,” said a Twitter user.

Another said, “After watching these cringe actors from ‘Gen-Z’, all I can say is that no one can come like Shah Rukh Khan. That guy was actually spitting out the fact that he is the last of the stars.” The greatest was there, is and ever will be.”

“So @TheDeverakonda is comparing herself to @iamsrk? Looks like she’s living in a fool’s paradise. High time someone gives her a reality check and shows her her true worth. Fuckin crossbreed. Lmfao,” Another said.

In the wake of mixed reviews on its release day, the makers of Liger on Friday announced that the film has earned Rs 33.12 crore worldwide on its first day across all languages. Liger seems to be staring at the prospect of not being able to recover its budget.

However, the film’s makers are confident due to the reception in the two Telugu speaking states. With no competition this weekend and Ganesh Chaturthi holiday (Wednesday) in between next, the ‘Liger’ team is reportedly confident that it will recover the cost of the film in the first two weeks.


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