Bandu’s Blockbusters for August 28, 2022

Four years ago on 1st April, troubled by the constant jokes happening at his own expense in the village, Bandu Barve decided that he would have plenty. It was time for him to become ‘smart’. His dead grandmother’s voice rang in his ears – “Read the papers, dude, they tell you all.”

So, Bandu went to the newspaper hideout at his father’s desk. As luck would have it, the first paper was bagged by Bandu on The Hindu Businessline. Stock Rico, in particular, had him in awe. Soon Bandu transformed into an ace investor and businessman.

These days, Bandu picks five stocks every Sunday, which he believes will be blockbusters next week. Here’s your chance to join forces with Bandu.

Guess the stock which will give the best return till next Friday (BSE Prices). By this Wednesday afternoon, mail us at with your name, mobile number and address of your choice and its expected price hike. One lucky winner will get a prize of ₹2,000.

Bandu’s Choice


PNC Infratech

Indian Bank

Delta Corp

root mobile

Last week’s winning stock: Hindustan Zinc

Last week’s winners: Yusuf Mo

Closing Price (August 19): ₹280.10

Closing Price (August 26): ₹285.30

return: 1.86 percent

Published on

27 August 2022


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