congress: It’s Congress that has got ‘Azadi’ from Azad: Youth Congress president Srinivas BV

A day after Azad resigned from all posts in the Indian National Congress (INC), Indian Youth Congress (IYC) president Srinivas Biwi slammed former Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad.

Srinivas described the whole incident as disturbing as according to him Azad has betrayed the party.

He said, “Azad has not got freedom from Congress, but Congress has got freedom from him. The Congress party leadership has always entrusted him and stood by him in times of despair. But alas, he could not give back to the party. !” They said.

The IYC president said that this coming at a time when Congress President Sonia Gandhi is undergoing treatment is very disappointing.

“The saddest part of his support is the timing, as it comes at a time when Congress President Sonia Gandhi ji is abroad for her treatment,” Srinivas said.

Srinivas also took a dig at Azad’s Padma Bhushan that he was awarded earlier this year under the NDA government.

“Ghulam Nabi Sahab has enjoyed continuous power from 1980-2021 under four generations of Gandhi. As long as he was CM, Union Minister, LOP, and had a Rajya Sabha seat, everything was fine. But on Congress leadership His current vicious attack looks like a throwback to the Padma Bhushan as well as the extension of his official residence,” attacked the IYC president.

He also referred to the tearing of the ordinance by Rahul Gandhi in 2013, which Azad had mentioned in his resignation letter.

“If Azad was so hurt by Rahul Gandhi ji tearing the ordinance in 2013, why didn’t he resign from the Union Cabinet? Why did he accept a Rajya Sabha seat and LOP post in 2014?” asked Srinivas.

In the end, Srinivas also called his resignation a “cooperation” with the “corrupt regime”.

“At this time when the Congress is preparing itself for a protracted battle against the tyranny and abuse of power, his resignation shows that he is not only concerned about the party but also about the issues of the people. This cooperation Looks more like a betrayal of Congress than a corrupt regime. We will get away!” Congress leader said.

Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad on Friday resigned from all posts in the Congress party, including the primary membership of the party, in a letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

In his resignation letter to Sonia Gandhi, Azad wrote, “The Indian National Congress has lost both the will and capacity to fight for what is right for India under the patronage of the AICC-run troupe.”

This latest high-profile exit from the Congress party comes after the election for Congress president was postponed. Azad’s resignation follows a series of exits from senior party leaders, including Jyotiraditya Scindia, Jaiveer Shergill and Jitin Prasada.

The development comes just weeks after Azad resigned as the chairman of the J&K Congress Campaign Committee, hours after he was given the appointment. (ANI)


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