Cloverfield 2 in the Works with Babak Anvari Directing!

It’s been almost 15 years since the footage was released cloverfield Brought a giant monster to New York City, the 2008 film later spawned a loosely connected universe of films, including the hitherto excellent 10 Cloverfield Lane and not-so-excellent cloverfield paradox, and it seems another cloverfield The movie is on the way now!

time limit today reports that Babak Anwarik ,Under the shadow, the wound) is directing a new cloverfield Film for Paramount, with Joe Barton Hiring to write scripts.

The last time the project came out it was described as the first true sequel. cloverfieldBut this morning’s report from Deadline states that all plot details are secret.

Deadline reports, “It is unknown how this new installment will link to its predecessors; Is it a direct sequel original or an anthology piece set in cloverfield Universe.”

anyhow, it looks like it’s a cloverfield The film from the start, should result in a new franchise installment with a strong connection to the 2008 film. stay tuned.

JJ Abrams Hannah Minghella and John Cohen are producing for Bad Robot. Brian Burke, Matt Reeves and Drew Goddard will executive produce.

even, cloverfield The “sequels” are essentially unrelated films loosely related to director Matt Reeves’ 2008 film, in which cloverfield paradox Explaining that a rip in the space-time continuum caused all kinds of monsters to drop into all kinds of different timelines. And, well, it’s pretty much the defining “Cloverfield franchise”, so far the follow-up movies are “not this one”. cloverfield movie … as long as it is … kind of” approach.

can we finally be true cloverfield 2, Here’s hoping.

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