Prey for the Devil Trailer Shows a Holy Battle

second official trailer for hunt for the devil A preview of the chilling horror film has been released. The film will debut in theaters on October 31.

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“In response to the global increase in demonic possession, the Catholic Church reopens exorcism schools to train priests in the rite of exorcism,” reads the film’s synopsis. “On this spiritual battlefield, an unexpected warrior arises: a young nun, Sister Ann. Although the nun is forbidden to exorcise, a professor recognizes Sister Ann’s gifts and agrees to train her companion. Emphasizing spiritual boundaries with student Father Dante, Sister Ann finds herself in a battle for the soul of a young girl (who Sister Ann believes is possessed by the same demon who tormented her mother years ago). was), and soon the devil realizes he has a right where he wants him … and he wants in.”

check it out hunt for the devil Trailer below:

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hunt for the devil Stars Jacqueline Byers, Colin Salmon, Christian Navarro, Lisa Palfrey, Nicholas Ralph, Virginia Madsen and Ben Cross. The film will debut in theaters on October 31.

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