‘Wolf Girl’ Defines What It Means to be Human

Few short stories in horror fiction are as terrifying fleet, ninth entry Stephen Kingsecond collection of skeleton crew, is a simple yet bone-chilling story about a wooden raft floating in the middle of a deserted lake and the horrors faced by a group of college friends who swim in it on an October day. Involving dread, paranoia, betrayal and even body horror, the lean and mean story is both heartwarming and horrifying, ideal for an autumn night around the campfire. Although scary throughout the year, what makes fleet Such a perfect story for the fall is the way the king captures the death of the heat within its pages. Set on an unseasonably hot day in autumn, four friends learn a harsh lesson about the dangers of holding onto the past. The horrors of the story unfold as they attempt to defy the passage of time and hold on to summer long after the theoretical Sun has set.

Randy and Deke are college roommates and friends, though they couldn’t be more different. Randy is calm and bookish while Deke is an outgoing athlete. After drinking at home in the afternoon, the boys and their girlfriends, Laverne and Rachel, reminisce about a summer spent in a nearby lake and the raft floating in its deep waters. They share fond memories of sunbathing after swimming on their wooden planks and the fun they had in those summer days. Beer and bravado take over and anyone of them realizes it, they’re headed to the lake for the last taste of summer before giving themselves to the fall semester. Running out the door to recapture their youth, they don’t even bother to bring swimsuits and splash in cold water in their underwear. Following Deke’s lead, they don’t bother to lock all four doors of the car before swimming in the solitude of the lake.

Once in the water, it is clear to Randy that he has made a mistake. The water is freezing and the fun of the adventure ends quickly. But an escalating flirtation between Rachel’s boyfriend Deke and Randy’s girlfriend Laverne leaves the two jilted lovers more concerned with protecting their fragile relationship than with protecting their lives. Randy leaves the cause and floats the raft so that he doesn’t look like a loser in front of his indifferent girlfriend, and Rachel reluctantly follows suit. Once they had gone too far to turn back, Randy saw an oil slick in the water. The strange circular patch of glossy black stickiness appears to move with intent and chase the swimmers as they stop at the ceiling. Randy is immediately suspicious, but the others laugh at his concern. It isn’t until Rachel is dragged into the water and essentially dissolved by the deadly mass that they begin to understand the dangerous situation they have gotten themselves into.

Now wet, cold and far from shore, the other three friends can see the absurdity of their actions. They didn’t tell anyone where they were going. They have left themselves with no way to get back to their car, and they are in a remote location unlikely to see any visitors. With no one to use the lake’s facilities, even a caretaker would have no reason to visit the property until it was time to prepare for winter snow. The unseasonably hot day turns into night and the temperature starts to drop. They are stuck in the dying season and will likely not survive the infection.

This fading heat and the slow death of summer is a development that most of us experience every year. The leaves change from bright green to beautiful shades of red, brown and yellow, but only because they are dying and falling from the trees. It is harvest season because failing to do so will leave us with food that rots on the vine. Halloween has become a celebration of the terrifying and terrifying, but it originated from an ancient ritual to mark the acceptance of the death and decay of the natural and often beautiful elements of the cycle of life. We celebrate the harvest of the season in which the gifts of summer are harvested and given away because we know that nothing lasts forever and with every death comes the possibility of new life on the road .

Basically about a killer patch of acidic goo, fleet It’s really about the dangers of trying to hold onto the past. As college students, Randy, Deke, Laverne and Rachel all sit on one of life’s great transitions, between the death of childhood and the birth of adult responsibility. His impromptu visit is a way to capture the carefree nature of high school freedom and put the realities of adulthood away for a while. Everyone has their own motivations for entering the water. LaVerne has her sights set on the popular and spontaneous Deke, possibly trying to avoid a relationship with the anticipated Randy. Seeing this attraction, Randy and Rachel reluctantly take a dip in the lake in order to preserve the relationship they feel slipping away.

Of the four friends’ inspirations, Deke is perhaps the most relatable and their passing is the most disturbing. As a jock, he believes in his ability to outshine the oil slick. His brave but foolish plan is to overcome the danger and save the day, and he is so confident in his ability to do so that he forgets to be alert. Before he can dive into the water, the creature catches him. Sneaking between the boards of the raft, the oil slick grabs its leg and begins to suck its body down through the wooden slats. Her gruesome death is told in gruesome detail as Deke is slowly pulled through a space that isn’t big enough to fit into her orbital ring. His finger slips away as his body eventually disappears, this iconic piece of jewelry is everything the overconfident boy has, a sad symbol of his lost youth and vitality.

Even Stephen Kings. cinematic adaptation of fleet Can be seen as an attempt to capture the past. The story is brought to life as the second entry creepshow 2The sequel to the 1982 original collaboration anthology film, creep ShowFrom Horror Masters George A. Romero and Stephen King. creepshow 2 It has ardent defenders and includes some genuinely creepy moments, but few would rank it above the iconic big brother, which includes classic shorts like father’s Day, crateAnd something to bother you, of the three vignettes shown in creepshow 2“The Raft” is arguably the best, but even it hasn’t aged particularly well.

Stephen King The Rough Story

The only flaw in King’s nearly complete story is when Randy (Daniel Beer) and Laverne (Jeremy Green) Have sex on the raft. The issue of LaVerne’s consent is unclear here but their hormones and the comfort of each other’s hot bodies overpower the argument and they succumb to their sensual desires. While this passage smacks of a young writer’s preoccupation with sex, it at least makes sense. After all, few creatures on Earth are more horny than college students. but adapt creepshow 2 Even with the creepy explanation doubles up on the ickiness. Laverne is asleep when Randy begins to lift his shirt. She has not consented and instead of having sex, Randy takes the bodies of Ogles and LaVerne while she sleeps. In both versions of the story, Laverne pays the price for Randy’s libido. While lying on the raft, a layer of deadly oil seeps through the raft’s boards onto his hair and begins to smear his face. It’s a horrific death for a reprehensible character, which isn’t entirely pleasant, but certainly doesn’t deserve the fate that befell him.

the end of fleetThe cinematic adaptation of The Story differs slightly from Stephen King’s original story, but in both versions, not one of the four friends escaped Lake’s own erroneous advice. Their foolish attempts to hold onto the past have fatal consequences and they fall into the machinery of time as it continues to move forward. And as such, their horrific fate may serve as a cautionary tale for all of us. While many horror fans welcome the arrival of autumn, there’s more to the season than giant skillets, pumpkin spice lattes and mini Reese’s pumpkins. The rise of the Fall indicates the passage of time; Another journey around the Sun and another year full of experience and wisdom. And, yes, one more step toward our inevitable deaths. This is the cycle of life and none of us can escape it. Time moves on and if we choose to reject the reality of change, we will end up like Randy, alone on the roof of our own illusions.

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