Scotty Sir: All About Scotty Sir

Scotty Sawyer is an American YouTuber and Viner who rose to fame for his self-produced, 6-second films. He has also worked in these films with other Vine celebrities based in California. These Vine celebrities include Gary Rojas, his former roommate Darius Benson and Gabrielle Hannah. He also showed his mother in many sad song lyrics scooty sir videos.

Insight about Scotty Sir

He started his career as a laborer for his father’s construction business. He soon left this profession to work as a bartender. He met many people who worked as bartenders. He was already familiar with the internet as he was an obsessive lover of anime movies. He wanted others to be aware of his views on daily events and daily happenings. He created a Vine Channel account and began producing 6-second comedy films about his thoughts on his daily encounters and Scotty Sir has a net worth of $1.2 million.


He was highly self-conscious and self-conscious as a young child. He as a fan loves to watch his favorite anime episodes online. Similarly, he is an American citizen, but has not made any mention of his ethnicity. Regarding Scotty’s education, he received a diploma from Edison High School in Newport Beach.

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“Will You Rather” was Scotty’s first video on his newly formed YouTube account. The video has been viewed 208,139 times since it was posted on July 29, 2014.

Later he started uploading videos on YouTube. Check out some of his YouTube series in music videos, vlogs, albums, old videos and from the beginning.

“Scotty Sir – Sad Song Scotty (Official Song Video)” is one of his most popular YouTube videos. It has been viewed over 15 million times since being posted.

fun facts about scotty sir

  • He has had many tattoos since he was 18
  • His brother Davy sir is also very famous on YouTube.
  • Meeting new people gives them ideas for new projects. Thus, he enjoys doing
  • He is under an exclusive deal with the firm “Viral Nation”.
  • As a challenge, he once got a “Hello Kitty” tattoo, but later covered it with another
  • Gary Rojas, a friend of Scotty’s, doesn’t like how Scotty portrayed him in his video
  • He was once imprisoned for a short time

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Newport, California, where Scotty was born. He is a die-hard anime enthusiast who often watches his favorite episodes online. Continuing a part-time bartending job, he uploads his videos to Vine. He dated Alexandria, also known as Allycat, on Vine since they first met in 2014.

He once moved to Los Angeles with Gary Rojas, but after living there for six months, he returned to Newport because he did not enjoy the atmosphere there. He continued to make videos and post them on his channel after returning to his hometown. With the passing of every day, their popularity has increased.

How old is Scotty Sir?

Born on 01 April 1992, Scooty Sawyer is 30 years old.

how tall is scotty sir

He has an excellent long . Is heightScotty Sawyer Vicky Feet is 6 feet, and weighs around 80 kg.

Who is Scotty Sir Dating?

Jack Anderson, Scotty Sawyer’s current girlfriend, posted the bottom of the video to refute the claim that he cheated on Kristen McAtee to end their relationship.

What happened to Scotty’s Sir and Kristen?

Scotty Sir and Kristen McAtee split after five years of dating. After meeting in 2015, Scotty and Kristen soon began filming together, including the famous “Kristen Thinks Our Dog Is a Chicken Muffin,” “My Girlfriend Being Weird for Five Minutes!” and “trying to attract sea bears to the stagecoach.”


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