Lele Pons: All About Lele Pons

Eleonora Pons Maronese, better known as Lele Pons, is a Venezuelan-American internet celebrity, YouTuber, singer and actress. The stunning star has built her extensive career in dynamic fields, and luckily, she has found immense success in all her professions. We can say that since foraying into the field of showbiz, he has earned money by doing a great job.

Information about Lele Pons

Who is Lele Pons? She now uses social media for more than just entertainment. The 23-year-old, who shared comedy movies with her friends on the internet many years ago, is now a true internet star. Ponce began using the now-defunct platform Vine, where she soon rose to the status of one of the platform’s most popular users. When Vine was discontinued he transferred his skills to YouTube. Since then, she has started sharing content on Lele Pons Instagram and Tik Tok handles. Ponce has co-authored a book, launched her own jewelry brand and has been successful on social media.


She was called to the White House in 2015 to make wines in support of the First Lady’s initiative to encourage disadvantaged children to attend college. In addition, she is the author of the New York Times bestseller “Surviving High School”, which she co-wrote with Melissa de la Cruz.

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Initially, Lele Pons worked as an actress and YouTuber. He started his career on Vine’s video-sharing website by sharing humorous videos and unique content. Her one billion loops made her the first winner ever. Many writers have called his comedy plays universal, physical and with a twist at the end. Along with this, some former winners have also questioned his style.

Fun facts about Lele Pons

  • he handled bullying at a young age
  • she speaks many languages
  • his uncle is
  • she has dyslexia
  • she was keen to attend berkley
  • His inspiration also came from Shakira
  • She has been offered to be a part of the TV show “The Bachelorette”.
  • He expects 30. before she will have two children
  • She is the first winner to cross 1 billion loops
  • After Vine disbanded, she switched to YouTube
  • Her original career goal was to become a singer
  • Lele moved to L.A. to become an actress

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Lele Ponce, also known as Eleonora Ponce, was born on June 25, 1996 in Caracas, Venezuela. Her parents, siblings and other family members are largely unknown. She moved to America at the age of five.

Ponce lived in Miami, Florida, USA. She graduated from Miami Country Day School in 2015, after which she relocated to Los Angeles. Lele, currently the most lopsided person on Vine, was reportedly teased by her classmates in high school for having an accent and a big nose. She even wrote a book about it called “Surviving High School”. Lele is rumored to have dated a fellow winner, Twain Kuyper.

How old is Lele Pons?

His age is 26 years as on 2022 because he was born 25. happened onth June 1996.

How tall is Lele Pons

Lele Pons height is 5 feet 6 inches.

Where is Lele Pons from?

Ana Maronez Piveta, a pediatrician and an architect named Luis Guillermo Ponce Mendoza, welcomed Eleonora Ponce Maroniz to the world on June 25, 1996, in Caracas, Venezuela. She is the niece of Puerto Rican singer Chyna and is of Italian descent on her mother’s side.

Who is Lele Pons Dating?

He and Guyana have recently reunited. During Tomorrowland 2022, the famous couple engaged in front of thousands of spectators. Guyana got down on one knee for the iconic scene and proposed to the Venezuelan comedian and singer.

Is Lele Pons Married?

Finally, in late July, Guyana asked the big question at the 2022 Tomorrowland Festival in front of friends Steve Aoki, Kimberly Loiza, Paris Hilton, and many others. “We are tying the knot! @guaynaa, I love you with all my heart!”


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