Dhanna Paola: All About Dhanna Paola

Mexico City, where Danna Paola was raised, was born. His parents are Juan José Rivera Arellano and Patricia Munguía. During her childhood, her parents got divorced. Vania Rivera Mungua, her elder sister, is also popular on Instagram.

Information about Dhanna Paola

She is far from a newcomer in the world of acting, unlike many of her Elite castmates and Dhanna Paola TV shows are very successful. Despite being 24 years old, she has already had an extremely successful career. She made her television debut 20 years ago on the Mexican series Ray of Light and hasn’t looked back since.

The Netflix original series Elite, one of her most recent efforts, has contributed to her growing popularity among American audiences. Danna is a talented singer to be an actress Danna Paola antes y despues and Danna Paola Novalas. She continues to show the world that she can achieve anything with each new endeavor she takes.

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First studio album as singer-songwriter (2011–2013)

His fourth solo studio album, which marked his debut as an “adult” solo recording artist, went into production in 2011. Her earlier albums included soundtracks for films, children’s musicals and telenovela Dhanna Paola songs.

The album’s lead single, “Rouleta”, composed by Mexican pop singer Patty Cante, was announced. She stated that she wanted her new album to represent her growth as an artist and shed her reputation as a child actress. On March 14, 2012, Paola’s official Vevo channel hosted the debut of the music video. In July 2012, the song climbed to number 32 on the Top Mexican Airplay chart.

Future’s second studio album (2016–present)

She revealed in mid-February 2016 that her upcoming single “Baila Hasta Kare” would be available for radio play and digital download in March. The song was recorded in Miami while she was filming her soap Queen s Queen?

She also featured on the track “Dónde Estabas Ti?” in November 2017 coinciding with the 2018 release of the film Lo mas sensillo es complicaro tudo. On August 29, 2019, her most recent song “Oy Pablo” was released.

social media

Spanish social media personality Danna Paola gained notoriety by lip-syncing on the TikTok app. Paola, who has 144.388K+ TikTok followers, is one of the most famous TikTok stars in Spain. He Dhanna Paola is a big figure on Instagram and the lip-syncing app. His username on Tiktok is @dannapaola set.

Fun facts

  • She appeared on Sesame Street in Mexico
  • she is a happy aunt
  • At the age of six, she released her first album
  • she is french born
  • She uses Tiktok and has a lot of followers there
  • he enjoyed playing the villain
  • she didn’t study acting
  • he enjoys traveling to spain
  • his voiceover work is done
  • she was part of “evil”

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In 1999, when she was 4 years old, she and her sister attended a casting call for Plaza Sesamo, Tele Viz’s Mexican version of Sesame Street, which was held in Mexico City. They were both later selected for the show and appeared on several occasions.

How old is Dhanna Paola?

Dhanna Paola age as of 2022 is 27 years

How tall is Dhanna Paola?

Dhanna Paola’s Height is 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m).

Where is Danna Paola from?

He was born in Mexico City, where he was raised. She is the child of Juan José Rivera Arellano and Patricia Munguía.

Why did Dhanna Paola leave Elite?

Dhanna Paola Elite, Season 5 will not feature either she or Ester Exposito. In a previous interview, Paola revealed that she had left the show to dedicate herself to her music career.


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