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Market Darshan Jainendra Kumar: –


There is a combination of profound conceptualism in market philosophy and acceptable elegance of literature. This article written many decades ago is still unmatched in the explanation of consumerism and marketism., Jainendra ji makes it clear from his lectures, experiences related to friends that the magical powers of the market make man its slave. If we understand our needs properly and use the market, then we can take advantage of it. Conversely, we can be very vulnerable to imbalance, craving and sore eyes after getting caught up in the glitter of the market. The author has tried to explain his point somewhere in a philosophical way and somewhere like a story telling. In this sequence, the economist who only follows the fake market has been described as unethical.


The author tells the story of my friend that once they started making small talk in the market place but came back with a bang. In relation to the author, he told about the qualification of the wife. According to the author, from time immemorial husbands take the oath of wives on this subject. Moneybag i.e. the heat of money also plays a special role in this. Money is power, but to portray it is included in bank balance housing etc. With the use of money related power, you get the juice of power. People are also self-controlled. They keep dragging money and feel proud of having glasses of money. The friend told that all the money was spent. Most of Mitra’s purchasing power came from a sense of necessity. The author says that the main reason for the purchase of superfluous things is the attractiveness of the market.

Friend has called it a trap of the devil. It’s interesting to be shameless who doesn’t get caught up in it. Not that he does all the vicissitudes in his appearance in the market. It is not requested in the invitation. The invitation to the higher market is the observer. This is the world of desire. Everyone feels lacking. Want and lack make a person mad. Dissatisfaction, thirst and jealousy makes it useless for man forever.

Another friend of the author went to the market before noon and returned empty-handed in the evening. Told on motorcycle that everything was available in the market but nothing was found. Taking one thing meant giving up another. If we don’t know our own desires, then everyone’s desires fool us. In this case there is no result. There is magic in the form of a market. It works only when the pocket is full and the mind is empty. It also affects when the mind and pocket are empty. The things of the market threaten the empty mind. Wants to buy everything.

Growing pride. The only way to avoid magic is not to keep the time of going to the market free. If there is a goal in mind, the market will open. You will be grateful for that. The real masterpiece of the market is to work in times of need. Being empty does not mean closing the mind. Only God has the right to be empty, which is eternally complete. Man is unattainable. Can’t detain a person. This is not the victory of greed, but the victory of greed. Forcibly closing the mind is hatha yoga. In fact man should accept himself completely. True action is always accompanied by the acceptance of this opaqueness. That’s why the mind should also be listened to because it is also purposeful. Individuality is not discounted.

Bhagat ji used to live in the neighborhood of the writer. He was selling sawdust for a long time. Churan was his surname. He was not earning more than six paise a day. They did not give their proper merchants nor did they take advance orders. When six come, they will save the children and distribute them free of cost. He was always healthy. The magic of the market could not work on them. He was illiterate. Didn’t know big things.

His mind remained firm. Money also asks to take me. That leaves the ruthless man wallowing in his pride. Money has vicious power. dust blower near person
If left, the person gets upset. He curses till his birth, but it does not make any impression on a person with sarcastic powder. The author says about such force that it is an element of some upper caste. Some call it spiritual, religious and moral.

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The author says that where there is craving, there is motivation to collect, there is no seed of that power. The weakness of a person is proved in the craving for accumulation and the desire for glory. It is the victory of money over man and matter over consciousness. One day Bhagat ji and the writer had Ram-Ram in the market square. He was awake. They were talking together. But they were not dazed, nor were they helpless in any way. Chowk was full of great goods of various kinds, by this he meant only what he needed. They leave everyone’s store on the way and carry their useful things from the Pansari shop. Now they seem to be market zero. Then the moonlight remains spread or remains in the attraction of the market, they only want its welfare.

The author believes that he identifies his need by market relevance. Those who can only risk the market on the strength of their bonding power, can neither profit from the market nor give true profit to that market. They are the market of the market. These are presumptions of treachery that diminish goodwill. Having the potential leaves the customer and the seller. They lie in wait to cheat each other. Such consumers are not exploited in business. Fraud succeeds and the market-behaves to humanity and nurtures a market that has become its scripture. That economic situation is a device, that illusionary science, that economics is immorality.

Multiple Choice Questions-

Q-1 When does the magic of the market have more effect?

(a) when the customer wishes
(b) when the mind of the customer is empty
(c) when the customer is happy
(d) when the customer is unhappy

Q-2 What is the easiest way to avoid the effect of market magic?

(a) go to the market when the mind is free
(b) Do not go to the market when your mind is full
(c) Do not go to the market when your mind is empty
(d) goes to the market when the mind becomes restless

Q3 How is the invitation to the market?

(a) Silent (Moon) and the seer of the world
(b) calming the mind
(c) disconcerting
(d) beneficial to shoppers

Q-4 Who gives certification to the market?

(a) Those who do not buy anything from the market
(b) who know what they buy from the market
(c) who do not know what they should buy
(d) Those who are going to the market want to buy everything

Q-5 To what has the author compared the magic of the market?

(a) by the magic of magnet
(b) by the magic of iron
(c) sleight of hand
(d) magic shop

Q-6 What did the author’s other friend buy from the market?
(a) a lot of stuff
(b) only one item
(c) only two goods
(d) nothing

Q-7 With what sense do people buy goods from the market?
(a) conscious of his weakness
(b) from the senses of the obstructing power
(c) with a sense of showing off to others
(d) none of these

Q-8 What should the mind not be allowed to do?

(a) to contemplate
(b) to be conscious
(c) dizziness
(d) arbitrariness

Q-9 What did Bhagat ji do with the powder after earning six returns?

(a) were keeping for the next day.
(b) distribute free of cost to children
(c) give at the shop
(d) thrown in the dustbin

Q-10 What is the name given by the author of the Arthashastra who cooks the food of the market?

(a) Philosophy
(b) Political Science
(c) Ethics
(d) Astrology


1-(b) When the client’s mind is empty
2-(c) Don’t go to the market when your mind is empty
3-(a) Silent (Moon) and the seer of the world
4- (b) who know what they have to buy from the market
5- (a) by the magic of magnet
6-(d) nothing
7 – (b) from the senses of exciting power
8 – (d) to set the mind
9 – (b) used to distribute free among the children
10-(c) Ethics


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