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Time to be short in this post to focus on card games:

• Julio E. Nazario Peanut Butter Belly Timewhich I covered in May 2022 is being kickstarted (Contact) by Nerdy Nuts, LLC, the game’s publisher and an exclusive Peanut Butter manufacturer that has set an ambitious goal for this 2-7 player game:


Peanut Butter Maker for you nerdy nuts!

Decide what you want to make from chocolate marshmallow to banana cookies and everything in between, then prepare your jars and collect the right ingredients for your special peanut butter creation. You can add mystery ingredients for extra flavor, but don’t push your luck too far or your sweet treats may turn out to be too salty instead!

In Peanut Butter Belly Time, players draft ingredient cards to make jars of peanut butter. There is also a scoring rule on each card, but only one card will score for each jar. Players can take orders from a central display if they can fulfill them, and an order replaces the normal scoring of a jar. Players may also compete for component majority cards.

Board Game: Linko!

• In 2023, AMIGO Games – the US branch of AMIGO Spiel – will release a new version of Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiessling Abluxxen In English, a new edition of Kramer Take 5! with revamped graphics (which I believe is a new version of 6 Nimm!not different but same Take 5!), and Haim Shafir Halli Galli Junior,

, fila Femi is a print-and-play game from Centroid Games a kickstarter campaign Also making physical copies available in 2023. Here’s an overview of this 4-6 player game:


fila There is a 21-card deck, with each card having a point value. To start, reveal a number of cards face up depending on the player’s number.

Board Game: Phila

On one turn, draw a card from the deck and, without looking at it, show this card to 2-3 other players, then put it in front of you. After all players are dealt three cards, write down your predictions as to which player has the most points or whether there is a tie for high score, then predict how many points each player has. Players win or lose points based on the accuracy of their predictions, and whoever has the highest score wins.

Studio Tecuanis has been creating Aztec-inspired artwork, apparel and toys for years, and has just launched its first game — Nawali – on Kickstarter (Contact) at the end of October 2022, with the game also available later its website, Here’s an overview of this 2-4 player game:


In NawaliA creature battle card game based on Aztec mythology, you take on the role of a shape-shifting sorcerer tasked with summoning navals – creatures, ghosts and monsters of the jungle – to battle in arenas.

The game comes with four partially pre-made decks, representing Aztec deities from the four directions: Tezcatlipoca, Tlaloc, Ehcatl and Zip Totec. In the main game mode, players select a deck, then draft a complementary team of creatures, items, and spells before doing battle in the arena.

From the gallery of W. Eric Martin

Each creature you summon has unique abilities based on twenty Aztec designs, for example, eagles allow your creatures to fly over one lane to attack, jaguars to move one lane before attacking gives in, and Snake allows the defeated Navals to absorb their powers.

Naval can be fused together to create a hybrid creature with more health, strength, and both sets of abilities. Shaping a Naval fully restores its life, so eliminate your opponent’s wounded creatures to avoid giving them a powerful play.


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