How To Beat Mela (Fire Crew Leader) In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Game Download

If you’ve already mastered defeating Giacomo, you’re probably ready to face Fire Crew Leader Mela.

Although you can encounter the bosses in any order you choose, mela is the logical next step in completing Operation Starfall.

Preferring Fire type Pokémon, he can be easily defeated using Rock, Ground, or Water types.

However, while he can be taken down using strategic use of Type Advantage, you’ll still need to be at least level 25+ to defeat him comfortably. This is why we suggest facing Giacomo first since his Pokémon is only level 21.

If you’ve got all your bases covered (see what I did there?), it’s time to visit the fair and take it down a peg or two!

Where to find fire crew base

The Fire Crew Base (aka Shader Squad) is located in the Eastern Province (Area One), northwest of Artazon.

Use the fire crew flags to lead you to the front gates, where Clive will mysteriously appear once again. How does he do that?!

Cassiopeia will also call you over and explain the setting up of Mela’s base, although it is almost exactly the same as the one you encountered earlier.

After the call ends Academy Charcadet will appear up to the base following “Clive”. However, before he can make it home, it escapes to find the fair – that’s your signal to start kicking butt and taking names.

Walk up to the gates and chat with Grunt, who will wag his tail and run to warn the others.

I would like to add that some guides have said that you fight with this grunt, however this was not the case for me. If you have to fight them it is said that they only use level 25 Hounders.

start a star barrage

Enter and use Aadhaar r bumper to send out your first three pokemon, To you beat 30 pokemon in 10 minutesSame as before.

Given that this is Fire Crew, I used Azumaril as my lead Pokemon, with Gengar and Murkro acting as backup. I didn’t have any rock or ground pokemon at the time, and (rightly) assumed Azumaril would steal the show.

If you want to strengthen your team with a rock type, use my How to get Larvitar (the easy way) article to help you.

If you need to heal, use the vending machines and make your way through until you get 30/30.

Which Pokémon does Mela use?

  • Torkol – level 27 (fire)
  • Shader Starmobile – level 26 (fire)

How to beat Melee in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The fastest way to beat mela is to use water, rock or ground types. Finizene is a great option, located on the eastern Paladian Sea.

Provided you get into battle with the right types, the melee goes down in minutes. Despite Giacomo being a lower level, Mela was too easy for me to get down.

However, watch out for the blazing torque of the Shader Starmobile as it is very powerful! Even if you are using a Water type you can still get burned.

Fair Fire Crew Award

Melee will give you TM38 Flame Charge, a Fire-type move that does a lot of damage and increases your Pokémon’s movement speed.

You’ll also get a shiny new badge and another picture for your growing collection.

When the battle is done, Cassiopeia will call you like clockwork. they will send you too 6,000 lp before sending penny pokemon material,

During a brief conversation with Penny, she will give some more backstory about the formation of Team Star, explaining that it was due to bullying.

Does this mean Team Star isn’t as bad as it seems? Hmm, only time will tell.

Two bases down, three more to go. Though I suspect that won’t be the end of Operation Starfall, just call it a hunch.

Before you head back to Paldia for some more engrossing battles and delicious sandwiches, be sure to read about the mystery gift codes in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

How To Beat Mela (Fire Crew Leader) In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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