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don mancini has maintained its streak of character and narrative surprises “Chucky” season two, especially when it comes to Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly,

While protagonist Jake Wheeler (jackery arthur), Devon (björkvin arnerson), and Lexi (alivia allyn lind) Satisfied with their ongoing battle to get Chuckie out of their lives, Tiffany’s impressive journey this season proved equally complicated.

Homicide recounts the consequences of his one-sided relationship with Nika (Fiona Dourif), unexpected party guests, motherhood, death and the loss of her comfortable lifestyle when Jennifer Tilly is framed for Tiffany’s murders.

Tiffany looks for a Belle doll to escape her precarious situation on tonight’s finale. Before the season 2 finale, the title “really chuckyBloody Disgusting spoke exclusively with Jennifer Tilly about her character’s poignant arc this season. The actress discussed what it was like to have her sister killed off screen, the stylistic flourishes she brought to her character, and her deep appreciation for everyone involved with the series, especially Mancini.

Tilly revealed that not only does Mancini continue to surprise him with the directions his character takes, but we owe him a huge debt of gratitude for coaxing him out of semi-retirement.

The actress explains, “It’s been really amazing. I’ve done… how many movies have I done? I think I did four Chucky movies, and for the last two Chucky movies, I just did cameos. I always It seemed like, well, realistically, there’s going to be a period where Tiffany gets squeezed out to make way for new blood, so when we were doing the television series, I was very excited. I thought that it would be like mr spock star trek movies, where he appears for three minutes in the movie, and everyone is excited because he’s Mr. Spock. I felt like I would do a cameo in the show. When the scripts started coming in, I was so amazed by the things that were happening with Tiffany, how rich and varied her character was, and what she was giving me to do.

,I was shocked and grateful to him as I was semi-retired when he called me. There comes a point in an actress’s life where the phone doesn’t ring much, and I became very obsessed with poker, and I was okay with it. I was like, well, I did my acting career, and I moved on to other things. But ever since I started working on the ‘Chucky’ television series, it has become a family.

“I love the character of Tiffany. i like those things [Don Mancini] gives me to do.

Chuckie – “The “Sinners Are Much More Fun” episode 1202 – Pictured in this screengrab: Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany – (Photo by: SYFY)

Tilly continued, “Sometimes, when you’re a big actress, you get put in a box. You’re the grandmother or, I don’t know, the woman who works behind the counter at the knitting shop. I don’t know what parts are for all women because I’m never offered them. Don and I are the same age. I’m one of his best friends, so we’re always together. He just sees me as Jennifer. In his mind, I haven’t changed in the 25 years he’s known me. It’s the same with all my friends. We do not see that we are getting old; he writes stuff for tiffany’s that’s pretty similar to what he’s written chickpea seed either bride of Chucky, That he is actually this very charming character who is a murderer but has a very good sense of fashion. I loved that he gave her some really dramatic scenes this season and last, and you can gnash your teeth.,

One of the standout episodes for Tilly’s character this season has been “Death on Denial”, a self-contained episode that brought together several of Tilly’s real-life friends.

“When Don said I wanted to do ‘Death on Denial,’ now my favorite episode of all time, he said, ‘Do you think Gina Gershon And Joe Pantoliano Would you like to live in it?’ It was all his idea. thought of keeping sutton streakOne of my best friends in real life on the show, and Sutton was delightful. They even got the idea of ​​taking my sister, meg tilly, on the show. I’ve never worked with her since high school, so it was a real gift for me to be in this episode, which is absolutely delightful. I called it a standalone episode,” Tilly tells us.

glen glenda

Chuckie – “Death on Daniels” episode 204 – Pictured in this screengrab: (l-r) Lachlan Watson as Glenda, Meg Tilly as himself, Lachlan Watson as Glenn – (Photo by: SYFY)

Tilly also recommended “Death on Denial” for fans unfamiliar with the series.

“You can take that episode and know nothing about Chucky and enjoy it like an Agatha Christie movie mouse trap either knives out Or whatever,” she explains. “The whole structure of this is just a valentine to those in the know. Seventies movies – Don likes old movies, even if you have a cast of millions, a cast of B-list movie stars – and the doll then doesn’t come into play until the very end as a wrap-around. There’s a lot of inside humor, and he was open to everybody improvising, and I think there’s a real sense of humor between all of us. There were connections. It gave it an extra layer of poignancy, especially with my sister. Even though she wasn’t Tiffany’s sister, she was Jennifer Tilly’s sister.

Speaking of her sister, “Chuckie” has appeared on screen for the first time with Jennifer Meg Tilly. When asked what it was like not only sharing scenes with her sister but then killing her on screen, Tilly explained, ,Meg was really upset. He said, ‘Oh, it will be terrible when you hit me. I don’t know, it’s going to be so awful,’ and I said, ‘Meg, it’s not me hitting you; This Tiffany is killing you. Even if it’s Jennifer Tilly killing you, the character is Jennifer Tilly. It really wouldn’t be me.’ So she’s like, ‘Oh, I never really thought of it that way.’ But it was too easy because their shadows were on the walls, running around during the murder, which were two stunt doubles, and it went by way too fast. It wasn’t as painful as we thought it would be, and that’s mostly because we’re both professionals. Meg was a little worried about it, and I was a little worried about it too, but it turned out to be a no ball,

“When you see it on screen, it’s sad and sad and everything. When Meg looks at the Jennifer Tilly doll, it’s a very touching moment, but it’s not terrifying. I was also worried about Meg because Meg doesn’t like scary movies. He hasn’t even seen any of Chucky’s movies. When we watch movies at home, if Meg thinks there’s going to be blood or violence, she doesn’t want to watch it, so I was surprised that she wanted to do that. But she wanted to work with me. She turned down another television series that was offered at the same time because she really wanted to work on ‘Chucky’ and she loved the Chucky fans. he himself is a horror icon because he did psycho 2, a dark nightAnd body snatcher, So I guess she’s embracing her new role as a scream queen.

Chuckie – “Doll on Doll” episode 205 – Pictured in this screengrab: (l-r) Lachlan Watson as Glenn, Meg Tilly as herself, Tiffany Valentine – (Photo by: SYFY)

Tilly is quick to credit each member of the cast and crew for bringing this infectious series to life, revealing fascinating details that provide insight into their character.

“I’d like to tip the hat Catherine Ashton, our costumers, who did an amazing job with all the costumes,” Tilly insisted. “When you look at Glen and Glenda, it’s not like the television version of teenagers dressing up. It’s very different from the way mainstream kids like Lexi, Jake, and Devon are dressed. I mean they’re kids, but they’re middle class kids. He grew up in a regular environment. With Glen and Glenda, you get rebels like it was the eighties, King’s Road alive with them. lachlan [Watson] Her style is amazing too, but Katherine listens to everyone, gets their energy, and comes up with things that are perfect for them. I love the things she’s bringing to Tiffany, but at the same time, I’ve brought in a lot of my stuff from home so she can understand where I’m trying to go with the character.

,Also, this season with the character, you can see things in the way I dress. When Glen and Glenda show up, she wants to be a perfect mother, so she has a cherry dress with a cherry apron and flawless makeup. She wants to look like the perfect mom, like ‘Leave it to Beaver.’ Then, as she gets more and more unbalanced, you might not notice, but I’ve started wearing under lashes so I look like a drag queen. [A Clockwork Orange],,

Tilly then details how she collaborated with Tiffany’s look and Tiffany’s personality to influence Meg Tilly’s on-screen death.

“I started doing dark eye shadow and Suit of Armor under my eyes. The makeup person helped me with this. As she becomes more and more, I’m not going to say neurotic, but a little more emotionally charged, she starts to go a little bit crazy with her looks, and she’s into makeup and her costumes, Tilly noted. “I changed into that green cape and leather catsuit to kill Meg, and they say, ‘Well, no time for a change.’ I go, ‘I have to,’ because I knew they wanted the shadow on the wall. And I wanted her to look like a crazy crow and blow all these things up. When she leaves the house, I wanted it to be like things flying in the air, like in a Hong Kong movie where they have a ghost. Things like flying in the air are always scattered.

“I added a line where I go down to talk because they were like, ‘There’s no time, there’s no time.’ No time? Of course, there is time. So, when I go down to talk to the doll and come back, Meg and Glenn are still waiting for me. Meg goes, ‘What took you so long? You I’ve changed my outfit. I turn around, and I go, ‘Honey, in this house, we all get ready for dinner.’ It’s a crazy thing like she thinks she’s living a decent life, but I guess there’s always time for a costume change,

jennifer tilly tiffany

Chuckie – “Goin’ to the Chapel” episode 207 – Pictured in this screengrab: (l-r) Lachlan Watson as Glenn, Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany – (Photo by: SYFY)

The actress is staying tight-lipped on what we can expect from Tiffany in tonight’s finale, but she can’t wait to see where the character goes from here.

Tilly teases, “I’m very interested to see where Don takes Tiffany, but one thing I know for sure is that it’s not going in the expected direction. I’m just as shocked as everyone else.” With every new script, I think, ‘Oh my god, Don, you and your writing team, you guys are geniuses.’ I wanted to say to Don last season and this season as well; I may have said it, but thanks, Don, for letting me write such a great part. Tiffany is sexy. he is cruel; She is motherly and loving. He has all these colors. I mean, it’s a part that people would kill to get, and I love how you brought that out last season and this season, and how we worked it into the central story, which is about the kids. Is.

“The OGs, all the old actors, the legacy actors, how effortlessly they mix with the new actors and the new generation of Chucky characters; I think she did a great job,” Tilly continues. “It’s the show, it’s sensitive. It is sensitive and people cry a lot during these episodes. They cry about the children and their pain and Tiffany’s pain. People feel his humanity, which is very unusual for a horror film. Usually, in a horror movie, you’re waiting for the next cute teen to get killed off, but people are infatuated with these characters. Plus, it has such over-the-top, campy humor that it makes you laugh out loud.

Watch the finale of “Chuckie” tonight at 9/8c on SYFY and USA Network.

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