7 Signs That Shows That School Is Not Meant For Everyone

                                                     #1 Scored Less Than 50 in Jamb
The total score for Jamb is 400. So, if you score less than 50 in Jamb examination, it is a pure indication that school is not for you. Try to discover your real skill as studying is obviously not one of them.

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                                           #2 You Don’t Have A Single Credit In Your Waec Result
Another sign that school is not for you is when you have parallel F in your Waec. As a matter of fact, you didn’t even get a single credit.

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                                               #3 Cooking Beans 10 minutes to Exam
This may seem funny but in reality, it is actually a “Made in Naija” idiomatic expression which indicates all attitude of unseriousness. In a nutshell, serious students are expected to be at their examination venues 10 minutes before the start of the exam. Hence any other activity done by this time can be referred to “Boiling Beans 10 Minutes before Exam”

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