ICC Updates: Demand for “4 Nation Series” Multiplies Two-Fold

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The proposal to permit “4-Nation Series” championship is seemingly gaining some ground with cricket boards of popular countries adding voices to it. To take a decision in this regard would be crucial and difficult for the International Cricket Council (ICC) as the permission would lead to the amendment of the ICC’s constitution, initially.

The strong voices that have added to this multi-lateral championship proposal are England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Cricket West Indies (CWI). The discussion has become a center stage in the ongoing meeting of the Chief Executives Committee (CEC) of the ICC. The two-day board meeting was organized in Dubai and began on April 8.

Proposal Of 4 Nation Series:

According to Cricbuzz.com, ECB Chief Executive Officer Tom Harrison made a point before the board meeting to seriously think about allowing members to organize four-nation championships at their convenient windows. The primary hurdle to accepting the proposal is the ICC’s constitution which allows only to conduct triangular series and not beyond.

“The matter was discussed by the CEC and it was backed by quite a few boards, if not by the F&CA. The matter goes to the board with two points of view, ”the Cricbuzz.com quoted an ICC member, who was part of the CEC, as saying. The source also confirmed the website about the discussions being held around the proposal of the four-nation series.

Cricket West Indies backed ECB by expressing its willingness towards the proposal. As mentioned, though the boards of different cricket nations are willing to agree, the members of Finance and Commercial Affairs (F&CA) have some concerns about introducing the quadrangular series. One of the core issues of F&CA is that the introduction of four-nation series might dilute the effect of the World Cup.

Meanwhile, the website also mentioned about PCB chairman Ramiz Raja’s presentation to the CEC members on revenue related issues this Sunday. The presentation could help the members to understand how extra revenue generated can be distributed to the Associate members as well.

During the previous interaction with the website, Raja highlighted about the game becoming a doomed factor if there is no window provided and help the proposal to find its way. “You got to break barriers for the sake of the game and the fans,” Raja told the website. Raja’s proposal towards his pet project involves four nations and they include India, Pakistan, England and Australia.

As per the website’s information, The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is believed to have remained neutral during this meeting.

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