Photos Of Destined Kids before and what they look like now!

Popular child group, Destined Kids, were the rave of so many children back then as kids were always elated to hear and watch them sing their gospel songs.

The group consisted of five kids – three girls and two boys – of the same family; Favour, Rejoice, Joshua, Best and Caleb, all of the Iwueze family name.

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The kids are all grown up now and matter of fact, we reported earlier of Favour, who turned 27 recently and is soon to get married. Read More Here

This was what they looked like before

See hoe they look  now,


Favour which is the first daughter, soon favour will be a married lady. Thanks to God for bringing her desired man to her. Happy Married life in advance.

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Rejoice is the second daughter and second child overall. She is the imitate senior to Joshua


Joshua is the first son and the third child. He is senior to Best and Caleb.


Best is not probably the last child neither is she the last daughter. She is a senior to caleb and One other girl.

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Th last of them all in the group is caleb. Caleb is the last son and second to the last in the family.


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