This is how Azim Rafiq revealed, Gary Balance and Alex Hales

Asim Rafiq accused Yorkshire County of racism.

Former England county Yorkshire player Azim Rafeeq, who was a victim of racism, told the UK Parliamentary Committee on Tuesday that racism is institutionalized in England cricket. He has described the treatment met out to him in the club as shameful. He also told how he was treated in the club. Rafiq had alleged that he faced racist remarks when he was in Yorkshire. An independent report investigating the matter had told that this Pakistan-born cricketer was a victim of racial discrimination. Rafiq had told that because of this he had even thought of committing suicide.

The county, however, had apologized in this regard but at the same time said that it would not take any disciplinary action in this regard. This decision was widely criticized. Rafiq told during the hearing of this case today that he used to feel very lonely and humiliated at times. He said, “I used to feel alone and humiliated. This was quite common for me or for people of Asian background. We used to hear such comments that you go and sit near the toilet. The word Paki was always used. It seemed that all this was valid from the side of the county leaders. And nobody ever said anything about it.”

The great thing about Alex Hales

Rafiq also told about the behavior done by two England cricketers. He told that Gary Balance used to use the word ‘Kevin’ to call people of other color. He also said that Alex Hales used to call his dog Kevin. He said, “Gary Balance used to call people of any other color ‘Kevin’. It was an open secret in the dressing room of England. Balance’s close friend Alex Hales used to call his black dog ‘Kevin’.”

i just wanted to play cricket

Rafiq told that he only wanted to play cricket. He said, “I just wanted to play cricket and play for England. I wanted to fulfill the dream of myself and my family. For the first time I didn’t know very well what was happening. I think I was in a disbelief mentality.”

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