Valuable advice from a real Ukrainian dating site: How to be a real man in love

These days modern masculinity is in a freefall because a lot of young men are told that there are completely new rules to being a guy in a romantic relationship that they must follow. But sadly, most of those new rules go totally against the male brain. So, if you are keen to learn how to be a real man in a romantic relationship, this blog post from a real Ukrainian dating site ( is definitely for you! 

The fundamental cornerstone of being a real man in a romantic relationship is knowing that you are definitely, positively in the leadership position. Full stop.

Yes, everything about how you behave depends on whether you fully embrace your role as a real leader or not. So, please don’t wait for another person to solve your problems. Don’t wait for somebody else to show you the direction ahead. You must be the true leader in a relationship. 

An effective leader is a decisive leader. If you can’t make decisions, women can’t feel attracted to you. Period.

Please note that this doesn’t mean you will ignore your lady’s input, emotions, goals, etc. It also doesn’t mean you must control every single situation in life. It only means you are supposed to make decisions fast rather than hoping someone else will make your decision on behalf of you. Remember: if you can’t make decisions, you look insecure. Don’t be in that position!

  • Do you take responsibility?

You will make mistakes in life. That’s completely normal. 

It’s of vital importance to take responsibility for your leadership position and for every decision that you’ve made in life. You would be well-advised to acknowledge the mistakes that you have made and move forward bravely. When you can admit those faults, you will find the strength to fix them as well.

  • Are you emotionally solid in general?

Truthfully, life isn’t a picnic every day. There are ups and downs in reality. In a relationship, there are highs and lows, too. As a real man, you have to keep your emotions steady because you are supposed to be the rock that your lady could turn to. Otherwise, she has to look elsewhere. A real woman doesn’t want to be with a coward. End of story.

  • Do you highly value respect?

Everyone around me knows that I’m a huge fan of Roger Sterling. I like him not because he is incredibly handsome, charismatic and charming, but because he chooses respect every single time – he commands respect!

If a guy allows himself to be walked all over, he is literally rewarding bad behavior! That only teaches other people how to disrespect him!

Meanwhile, a real man respects her lady as well. He wouldn’t say anything that he will regret later on.

When you are a real man in love, your lady feels like a real woman, too, because she feels totally relaxed – she is able to be feminine because you are a safe place for her.

Consultants from our real Ukrainian dating site claim that a real man can push through difficult conversations and challenging experiences in a relationship, because he is committed to his relationship.

“Let’s embrace modern masculinity together and better ourselves!”

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